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VY Commodore 9C1 Police Pack

2003 VY Commodore 9C1 Police Pack



The 9C1 Police Pack was a specially produced option for the Australian police units. Each different branch of the police would usually get different models optioned with the 9C1 pack.


The Victorian, South Australian, and New South Wales Police would only use the 9C1 option on the SS Commodore Sedan (with the Victoria Police also getting VY SS Utes optioned with it), while the Queensland Police used the police pack on Executives and occasionaly also optioning them with the "Country Pack Suspension" which is essentially the FE2 suspension with high ground clearance.


In SA, any 9C1 Acclaims ordered would not come with FE2 suspension, whereas in Victoria they would occasionally order them with FE2. Victoria would also order both V6 and V8 Berlinas in small numbers.


The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Protective Services both order the 9C1 option on V6s and V8 SS Sedans, though the AFP SS Sedans all have the bootlid spoiler removed. The lack of spoiler on the AFP vehicles is the only differing feature between them and the Victoria Police SS Sedans.


Features of the 9C1 Police Pack include:
Limited slip differential, 15" rims, sump protector plate, an additional wiring loom to supply power for police equipment such as the lights and siren, a modified transmission gate allowing you to manually select 2nd gear in the automatic without depressing the top of the gear stick, interior dome light with Calais styled map reading lights, interior light isolation switch, upgraded front brake pads, high capacity battery, secondary horn, and speedometer with 2km/h increments marked.


9C1 Pack is also used by:

  • State Emergency Services (SES)
  • Country Fire Authority (CFA)
  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB)
  • Metropolitan Ambulance Service (MAS)
  • Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA)
  • Clinical Support Officer (CSO)
  • Rural Ambulance Service (RAV)
  • New South Wales Rural Brigades (NSWFB)