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The Standard Range

The VY Commodore range was available in several diddferent models, being the Commodore Executive, the Acclaim, S, SV8, and SS variants. In addition to these, there were also the usual Berlina and Calais models which are marketed as the VY Berlina and VY Calais rather than Commodore Berlina, and Commodore Calais.


The HSV Range

As with the previous generations of Commodore, Holden's performance partner, HSV, came out with a series of cars based on Holden's Commodore-- the Clubsport, the GTS and the Senator.


VY Commodore Information

A range of commercial vehicles were developed from the VY Commodore platform, though none of these models were to wear the Commodore badge, they were comprised of three different models, each having varying trim levels available.

- VY Ute - a 2 door ute
- VY Crewman - a 4 door ute
- VY One Tonner - a cab chassis ute