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VY Commodores For Sale

There are always a fair few Holden VY Commodores for sale, whether you be looking in your local paper, a dealership, or just private sales. When finding a VY for sale, you have to first choose what model you're after, then set yourself a budget.


If your budget does not match the model you're after, then you may have to compromise. If you are wanting to find a V8 VY Calais for sale but only have the budget for a V6 Executive, you may want to either save up more more for the V8, or just go for an Executive.


It is always better to go for a lower kilometres car that's been well looked after rather than a high kilometres car that's been thrashed or used on bad roads. If you're really desperate for that higher model for a lower price, there's always a bargain to be found.


Keep a constant eye out on the Holden VYs for sale and every so often someone will have a legitimate reason for listing an excellent condition VY for below market value. If you're lucky enough to spot it first, it can save you a whole lot of money.