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The Holden VY Commodore is an Aussie car produced by Holden between September of 2002 and August of 2004. The VY Commodore, which was the twelfth version in the Commodore series, was the next model up from the VX Commodore.


A VY Series II was released as an updated model in August 2003 and that was a stepping stone to the updated VZ Commodore range coming up in 2004.


As with every other model of Holden Commodore, the Holden VY was available in several different models. These models include the Commodore Executive, the Acclaim, S, SV8, and SS variants. In addition to these, there were also the usual Berlina and Calais models which are marketed as the VY Berlina and VY Calais rather than Commodore Berlina, and Commodore Calais.


All models throughout the VY Commodore range were available as sedans, and the Executive, Acclaim, and Berlina variants were available as wagons. As an unexpected move, the VY range also had a limited edition SS wagon available.


The SS wagon featured the same 235kw V8, and 245kw for Series II, bodykit and sports suspension as it's SS sedan version. However, the wagon was equipped with 17" allow wheels rather than the 18" alloys that came with the sedan.


500 SS wagons were produced for the Series I variant and an additional 350 were made for the Series II.


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